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EternitAI is an AI-powered B2C & B2B2C Marketplace that integrates Stable Diffusion Midjourney and DALL-E 3 for text-to-image and text-to video generation. EternitAI is an AI generated image bank where Customers meet Creators, Professional Prompters, Prompt Engineers, AI Artists, Brands, Non-Profits, Influencers, Advertising Agencies and Print on Demand Factories.

For Customers.

EternitAI is a fun and inspiring platform where new ideas are created everyday by thousands of creators using AI to generate images. A bridge between human imagination, Generative Artificial Intelligence and high-quality printable products that we use every day. Customers particularly appreciate discovering a marketplace that offers truly exclusive products and services.

For Creators, Professional Prompters, Prompt Engineers, AI Artists, Brands, Non Profits, Influencers, Companies & Advertising Agencies.

Where EternitAI adds value?


  • EternitAI┬┤s mission is to facilitate and support all of the above to monetize through the AI generation of images and videos.

    Professional prompters are able to create any type of image of any style, professional photography settings, paintings, illustrations, design patterns and/or graphic design assets. Images are stunning, getting better by the week.
  • EternitAI allows creators to build their portfolio and share it with their customers, but also means that a non-profit organization can share their portfolio with their donors for a targeted campaign or year-round. Our customers and other creators are able to follow their favorite accounts and keep up with their new image generations through the creator┬┤s feed story at EternitAI homepage.
  • Customers buy the high-resolution version of the images, and also high-quality printable products using the image created. Our platform seamlessly translates digital creations into a versatile array of designs for various apparel items, including but not limited to hoodies, t-shirts. This innovative AI-driven solution empowers the customization of visuals, ensuring a dynamic and impactful representation across diverse fashion mediums.
  • Elevate your brand presence with our state-of-the-art technology, harmonizing creativity and clothing seamlessly.

We are a self funded small team of experienced entrepreneurs, first time entrepreneurs, high level advisors, creators, professional prompters, AI artists, marketers and programmers united by our love for AI Art and Technology.